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2005-11-23 Kolno - ceremony of rededication of the Jewish cemetery

On November 23rd 2005 a ceremony of rededication of the Jewish cemetery in Kolno took place. The cemetery was fenced and cleaned up under the Foundation’s supervision, thanks to generosity of an anonymous donor, a descendant of a Kolno Jewish family, and rabbi Shlomo Besser from the International Committee for the Preservation of Jewish Memorial Sites. The ceremony, organised by the Foundation, was attended by a large group of descendants of the Kolno Jews from Israel and US, rabbi Besser, a famous cantor Yitzchok Halevi, representatives of the local authorities: Mr. Mieczysław Śniadach, the Kolno Mayor, and Mr. Stanisław Wiszowaty, the head (starosta) of the Kolno district. Local media and a group of young people from Kolno schools were also present. The Jewish cemetery in Kolno covers the area of 1.8 hectare; the fence built by the Foundation is 560 metres long. The Mayor said that the town is going to built a road to the cemetery, which is located in the outskirts of Kolno. Students from the John Paul II secondary school in Kolno declared that they will look after the cemetery and keep it in order.

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